So, TimeReaders…this year and next we’re going to enter the final act of TimeRiders. The last three books will play out the grand narrative and ALL will be revealed!

The series by all measures has been a commercial success. IN the UK alone, at the last count over 1/4 million TimeRiders books have been sold. World wide the series has sold into 28 (might even be 30 now) different languages. Now, that really is an incredibly strong position to be in, particularly when you consider how tough a time the book industry has been having recently.

But…I really would like to see TimeRiders go SUPER-BIG as we run through the last three books. Why? Well apart from the fact that it provides me with a little more money to live on (seriously – I’m not super-rich. I’d like to give you the impression I am, but alas. Not. One doesn’t become an author to get rich. Sheeesh, if I wanted to be rich I’d be writing some sort of Vampire Romance rubbish!) No, the reason I want TimeRiders to crossover to a much bigger audience is…the possibility – probability – that that would lead to a film/TV adaptation.

There’s simple logic at work there. If a film company can see there are lots of reader fans of a series out there, then all of a sudden, it becomes a much easier project to sell. The more fans out there, the bigger the project’s budget is likely to be. The bigger the budget, the better the film would look, and of course, the greater the likelyhood that big-name actors would be prepared to attach themselves to the project. Before you know it, there’s a critical mass of interest, a buzz in Hollywood, everything gets fast-tracked and we have ourselves a spectacular 9-film franchise!

I want that. I want to see what a decent director and writer team could do with these books.

And I suspect a lot of you guys do too.

So….here’s how you can help. Spread the word. Tell your friends and family about the books. Tweet. Blog. Reccomend on FaceBook. If you’ve enjoyed the books and haven’t yet written an Amazon review, then please do. If you have a blog and want to write an article about TimeRiders, then I’m here to help. I’ll give you an exlusive interview. I’ll send you pictures you can use in the article to make it look all nice an’ sexy. If you have any friends, aunts, uncles, who work for a newspaper, a tv station, a radio station, then point them this way. Point them to this website.

Fact is…there are now enough TimeRiders fans out there in the world that we can now make our presence felt. Fan power – leveraged by the influence of the net/social networking – is fast becoming the way projects become green-lit. Movie studios are getting pretty smart about that. They’re actively scouring the net for fan-driven campaigns are getting very good at looking out for them and reacting to them.

So we can actually do this. We could make a series of movies happen.

Below then…in the comments section. Let’s make this a place to discuss how we could take this forward. If you want me to do an interview for your blog/school web site, then post some way I can contact you below (email). If you have suggestions on how we could spread the word…again, pop it below.

I’m all ears. :-)




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