io9Great little article here on the common errors made by writers of alternate or What If historical fiction.


Interesting from my point of view – which (if any…gulp!) of these dreadful errors do you think I’ve made in the process of writing TimeRiders? Discuss.

Actually, as a side note I was hoping TimeRiders might have been name-checked at some point in the article, even if it was to point out some glaring boo-boo, but alas, it seems the series continues to be completely unheard of in America despite being out published out there for nearly 2 years now by one the leading publishers of teen books!


Actually, if there are any American readers out there reading this blog, perhaps you could do me a huge favour and reccomend TimeRiders to one or two friends/friendly librarians? You know? Spread the word a little?

Oh, and by the way…worth saying this; I LOVE this website, ‘io9’. Thoroughly reccomend you bookmark it. It’s updated almost every day with fascinating articles. One of my top-visited websites.


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